Case Studies

Our case studies should demonstrate the value of the work the Surgical MIC does.  These have been categorised by the type of impact that is important to our funders.


Examples of the MIC facilitating and accelerating the translation of new technologies or changes to service delivery to produce evidence for uptake into NHS

Significant research advances which have the potential to impact on patient care or provide the evidence that contributes to a healthier workforce and wider population

Impact of MIC work on healthcare provision in the UK or overseas

Commercial Impacts

MIC supported studies progressing into other NIHR funding streams

MIC activities attracting, retaining and supporting training and development of the best healthcare professionals

Successful collaborations across NIHR or with external organisations or partners

MIC supported work influencing other sectors outside of the health and social care system

Improved delivery of research

Patient and Public Involvement, Engagement and Participation which have had a positive impact on the work of the MIC

Actual or potential savings for NHS resources