MIC Spokes

The role of the “spokes” is to promote NIHR Surgical MIC activity, reaching out to individuals and institutions with similar clinical and research ambitions. The “spokes” provide the extended network for the NIHR Surgical MIC making it a national collaborative initiative.

Our objectives

  • Increase clinical and research capacity in surgery to develop new concepts, demonstrate proof-of-concept and devise research protocols
  • Increase exposure and links with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the country
  • Share knowledge and expertise nationally
  • Develop the next generation of researchers and innovators

What are we offering as the “Hub”?

To facilitate the development and growth of our spokes, Leeds, as the “hub” will provide a set of common support services:

  • Support from the NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative
  • Marketing and communications via hub communication channels
  • Funding and facilitation of networking events and workshops
  • Access to proof of concept and other collaboration/funding opportunities
  • Project coordination/management support
  • Access to mobility/placement/secondment funding
  • Provide opportunities to host and support projects; and access to the Surgical Technology Testbed

What do we get out of it?

A framework agreement will be set up between the hub and the spoke, and this will lay out expectations and key performance indicators as agreed by both parties.

Have you got what it takes?

The NIHR Surgical MIC would like to hear from clinical and/or academic sites that would be interested in joining our collaborative network.  We are particularly interested in hearing from sites with:

  • Areas of interest that match or compliment the Surgical MIC’s
  • Strong industry/SME links in locality
  • Access to academic support
  • Access to MedTech/NIHR infrastructure

Please contact us here