The Concept

What problem are we addressing? 

There is a real and immediate problem for medical technology companies of all sizes when it comes to market access in the NHS and developing early evidence of new technology efficacy that is appropriate for review within the NHS. This is often compounded by a lack of understanding of how the NHS pays for medical technology, how NICE can support NHS adoption and the evidence required by these organisations. 

As a result, companies with new technologies, which they believe will benefit the NHS at both a systems and patient level, can find it difficult to gain access to the NHS to deliver both “first in NHS” application of their technology and also to develop wider adoptions within the NHS.

Our Solution

The Surgical Technology Testbed will undertake rapid, focussed activity with any new surgical technology to expedite the delivery of basic evidence of its value.  Where appropriate we will work with our academic partners in Health Economics, to undertake market headroom and preliminary cost-effectiveness, and Clinical Trials Centre, to explore potential follow-on clinical studies

Much of the work that will be conducted in the testbed is already done today, but there is a lack of coordination between the regions. The idea is to avoid duplication of work and to develop technology faster. 


Patients: by providing more effective and safer surgical interventions, and the opportunity to take part in clinical studies.

Healthcare: by facilitating the adoption of cost-effective therapies that meet unmet clinical needs and providing the required clinical evidence.

Industry:  by providing access to clinical expertise and shorter evaluation times.

The NHS requires health economic arguments in addition to safety and efficacy to instigate significant change