The Surgical MIC often launches initiatives to support the development of collaborations and increase the quality of work coming through.  This section of the website contains links to the various initiatives that we are leading and all updates relating to these initiatives will be posted in the relevant section.

Current initiatives:

  • Surgical Technology Testbed – this initiative facilitates the evaluation of medical technologies in a real-world/clinical setting.  This is ideal for organisations that have sufficient funding for clinical evaluations.  This initiative also supports industry to be compliant with the Medical Device Regulations.


  • COVID-19 PPE Challenge – the aim of this initiative is to find out the real day-to-day challenges for front line healthcare workers in maintaining PPE, or simple, effective solutions that might be rapidly scaled up.


  • MIC Associates – Associates promote the work of the Surgical MIC within their networks and in return we provide early access to key collaborations and opportunities, as well as the opportunity to shape our MedTech Foundation internships.


  • MedTech Translational Pathway Toolkit – the aim of this toolkit is to shorten the translational pathway for start-ups by providing a roadmap to commercialisation and highlighting how the Surgical MIC can support this journey.


  • Surgical MIC App – The main purpose of this app is to facilitate medical technology collaborations by linking industry with academic and/or clinical collaborators.