MIC Internships

Internships are a central component of student and trainee education and are designed to combine on-site professional experiences within the context of traditional academic support. Through internships, participants grow professionally and intellectually they learn to identify their strengths, interests, and limitations, they also gain an appreciation of roles, duties, and responsibilities.

The NIHR Surgical MIC also accepts applications for summer internships (5 weeks) in Leeds.  We encourage potential applicants to seek funding from sources such as the Royal Colleges of Surgeons. Please contact us if you are interested.


Previous Internships

International Internships – 2018/19

Three students (engineering, chemistry and medicine) are attending the CuriousU experience at the leading entrepreneurial University of Twente in The Netherlands – EVALUATING FUTURE HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES 


National Internships – 2018/19

Interdisciplinary internship at the University of Leeds School of Mechanical Engineering – working on medical devices and technology for global health and low-resource settings.

3D LifePrints – working on medical 3D printing manufacturing and service capabilities for key UK NHS hospitals & academic institutions.

HTCF Student Internships to Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Texas – 2017


Three students spent a summer internship with one of our industry parnters Xiros, exploring novel abdominal wall surgical meshes.

Bursaries for Undergraduate Elective or Vacation Studies

The idea behind the Vacation Bursary scheme is to give undergraduate students a taster of what it is like to do research. The students are given practical, first-hand experience of working on and carrying out research in one of the UK’s universities. All students should be in the middle of their first degree, which must be within EPSRC‘s remit, and should be able to fulfil EPSRC‘s doctoral training grant eligibility requirements at the end of their undergraduate degree. The projects under taken by the students must be clearly defined, within EPSRC‘s remit and must not be part of a normal degree course.

The Research Experience Placements (REPs) scheme provides support for undergraduate summer research placements.

Pathological Society Undergraduate Bursary – Funding to support research projects in pathology or gain experience in diagnostic departments during elective or vacation periods.