Research Idea

Technology stage:  I have an unproven concept and no evaluation or testing has been performed

Next stepsEarly in the process of developing a new solution, it is often valuable to verify how the need appears in clinical activities. The solution can be a product or service. We offer the opportunity to verify the need for a particular solution together with our clinical expertise.  We will discuss this idea with you to investigate opportunities.  Some of the topics we will discuss include whether the concept meets an unmet clinical/patient need, the clinical evidence required, intellectual property and potential markets for your innovation.  .

Our offering:

  • access to key opinion leaders, academics, clinicians, industry, patients and the public
  • early “user acceptance” review from our patient and public members to ensure a clear patient benefit from the start
  • “idea validation workshops” to support the development and influence the design of a solution that addresses current and future unmet needs.

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