Associate Membership

The Surgical MedTech Co-operative is working with universities and organisations around the UK to develop novel solutions to a series of clinical and patient led challenges.  Anyone with an interest in technology development for patient benefit, whether you are already involved in the medical field or not, can become an Associate Member and work with the Surgical MedTech Co-operative on innovation for patient benefit.

Membership commitment

Membership is free, all we ask is that you promote the work of the Surgical MedTech Co-operative within your own networks, support our events and encourage like-minded colleagues to join!

Membership benefits

  • access to neurosurgery, colorectal, HPB (liver, pancreas, gallbladder) and vascular opportunities
  • access to UK and Global continence opportunities
  • opportunity to contribute to and co-produce events related to your area of interest
  • early notification of funding/grant calls of interest and requests for industry collaborators
  • opportunity to support our MedTech Foundation by contributing to Innovation Programme and internships
  • access to patient and public involvement focus groups to support technology development and grant funding applications
  • access to a panel of scientific, academic, clinical and patient experts for idea validation and development
  • company added to Surgical MIC app to facilitate networking and collaborations
  • access to clinical advisory panels (*paid service)