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New surgical devices and innovations are becoming available which can be used by surgeons to help them manage all stages of operative care. However, little is known about which technologies patients feel would make a real difference to their care. WE need your help to understand which technologies patients would benefit most from.

Every day patients, carers and healthcare professionals have to make choices between different treatments or different surgical methods.  The choice can have an important impact on the life of the person involved.  Up to date information based on research evidence can help patients, carers and healthcare professionals to make the right decision about their treatment.

There is a lot we still do not know about which patients are best treated with surgery, at what stage is surgery advised, and how best to ensure a good recovery.

  • Do you have an idea for how your treatment could be improved by using a technology?
  • Do you wish there was a gadget you could use to help monitor your health?
  • Are you or someone you care for affected by problems post-surgery?

If the answer is yes, you can quickly submit your thoughts and suggestions to us using the form below (no personal details are requested or stored).