Dr Nicholas West – Pathology Theme Lead

He is the deputy on a Yorkshire Cancer Research programme grant ‘accelerating new treatments in clinical trials in bowel cancer’, and currently working on a number of phase II and III national and international clinical trials. These studies involve the development and validation of new molecular predictors of response to therapy, and the integration of morphology and genomics using digital pathology.

Ms. Vee Mapunde – Programme Director

Vee Mapunde is the Programme Director with responsibility for providing overall management for the programme, management of day-to-day operations and providing support for the Director and the Theme leads. She has over ten years’ experience working in clinical research at the Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Research Network, where she was Industry Manager and worked with 14 NHS organisations across West Yorkshire, to develop and implement systems to support commercially sponsored clinical research.

Ms. Sheila Boyes – Project Manager

Sheila has worked for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust since 1989, initially as a radiology assistant in the MRI department before moving into research in 2000. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Research and a NEBS Management Certificate. She worked on clinical research studies with contrast agents and MRI in radiology for eight years, before taking on a research management role in 2008. Sheila joins the MIC as a project manager and to handle the administration side

Ms Roxana Dumitrache – Project Manager

Roxana Dumitrache is the Project Manager with responsibility to deliver innovation projects, develop high-quality research proposals and support the development of funding applications. She has extensive project management experience gained from a variety of industries. She holds a Master Degree and a Bachelor Degree in Science and Management Certificates.

Dr Will Bolton – Director MedTech Foundation

Will is currently an Academic Foundation Doctor and NIHR Clinical Research Fellow in the Global Health Research Group Surgical Technologies in Leeds. He is taking time out of training to complete a PhD on surgical technologies for application in low and middle income countries. He is the lead for the MedTech Foundation, a student and trainee affiliation of the NIHR Surgical MedTech Cooperative. The group aims to educate and engage early career students and professionals to enhance medtech skills and promote interdisciplinary research.

Miss Candice Downey – Clinical Research Fellow

Candice Downey is a Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Leeds.  She is a registrar in General Surgery currently undertaking an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship.  Her interests include remote monitoring, wearable technologies and patient safety after major surgery.  She brings expertise in clinical trials, qualitative research and early economic analysis of surgical technologies.

Dr Stephen Chapman -NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Stephen is a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow at University of Leeds and a Surgical Trainee in the Yorkshire & Humber Deanery. His interests include colorectal surgery, surgical recovery, clinical trials, and medical devices. He is passionate about cross-disciplinary collaboration and currently coordinates an international, student-led collaborative group (EuroSurg) across 25 countries.

Mr Ryan Mathew – Neurosurgery Lead

Ryan Mathew is an Associate Professor at the University of Leeds and an Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon at Leeds Teaching Hospitals. He obtained an MBCHB with Honours and an intercalated BSc with Honours, the latter in Clinical Sciences (Tissue Engineering) research. During his neurosurgical training at Leeds (FRCS (SN) in 2013), he undertook further basic science research (funded by CRUK) and was awarded a PhD based on Glioma Modelling using induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) and Cerebral Organoids. He was a co-applicant on an ~£1M Innovate UK grant based on this work. He has spent time as a Visiting Research Collaborator at the Brain Tumour Research Centre at Sickkids in Toronto, with whom he now has ongoing collaborations. He co-runs a brain tumour research lab with Dr Heiko Wurdak and is academic lead for neurosurgery. His clinical interests cover the full spectrum of brain tumours with a special focus on glioma and awake surgery. His basic science and clinical trials research interests focus primarily on brain tumours and surgical technologies/devices.


Professor Maria Lonsdale, Information & Communication Design Lead

Maria Lonsdale is a Professor of Information and Communication Design at the University of Leeds, UK, and the Deputy Head of School of Design. Maria has been a design practitioner and academic for over 20 years. Within her specialist design and research areas of Information Design and Communication Design, Maria has particular interest in Healthcare and Security. She also specialises in user-centred research methods for Design that involve users in all stages of the design and research process (including co-design, usability testing and performance testing), as well as measurement techniques such as eye-tracking alongside qualitative data collection. Within Design for Healthcare, Maria has led research projects focusing on bowel cancer prevention, detection and recovery, using information visualisation as an effective means to make information more accessible and inclusive of all levels of literacy, ages, genders, languages and cultural backgrounds

Dr Tze Wah, Senior Consultant Interventional Radiologist

Dr Tze Min Wah is a senior consultant interventional radiologist with specialist interest in both imaging and interventional oncology (IO) treatments and Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at University of Leeds since 2013. Since 2003, she has led and developed the IO programme at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (LTHT) using various technologies e.g. radiofrequency (RFA), microwave ablation (MWA), cryoablation (CRYO) and irreversible electroporation (IRE) for a range of cancers such as liver, lung, renal, pancreas, adrenal, spleen etc. Today, Leeds is one of the leading national and international IO centres with reputable clinical outcomes and provides a full complement of innovative technologies such as RFA, MWA, CRYO and IRE for cancer treatment. She is one of the pioneers and leading interventional radiologists in the UK with a vast amount of clinical experience in renal ablative therapy. She has participated in grant funding research and lectured extensively on IO related topic in order to help to promote awareness and providing mentoring schemes to many trainees and consultants in IO on national and international levels since 2003. She is the Chief Investigator for #Hope4Liver

(https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04573881) in United Kingdom and in 2021 led the successful translation of the image guided Histotripsy treatment in liver cancer patients in UK https://www.nationalhealthexecutive.com/articles/uk-patients-liver-cancer-NHS-ultrasound-technology.

She is a passionate champion for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) and love to inspire more women into Interventional Radiology (IR). She has strived to inspire all male and female IRs to help in closing the IR gender gap issue in Europe. She is keen to share the publication on IR Gender Gap work that she has collaborated with CIRSE in 2017 and published in CVIR 2018 titled- The Interventional Radiology (IR) Gender Gap: A Prospective Online Survey by the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29789874. In 2021, she is also the invited panellist for the Women Leader in Academic Research (WLAR) led by Prof Brad Wood at National Institute of Health (NIH) to promote women in academia. In addition, she is keen to promote education globally in IO, and had been the Visiting Professor at National Cancer Center in Singapore in 2013 and becoming the Honorary Professor at Universiti of Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia since 2017.