New Electronic Pill Monitors Gas Contents of Guts

The goings on deep inside our guts are still very much shrouded in mystery. The mystery arises partially from the fact that it’s hard to sample the gasses that exist inside our bowels. Much of our knowledge about the gaseous content of the GI system really comes from stool samples and when the guts are surgically accessed. A new electronic pill is now allowing scientists to study the contents of the gut like never before, providing detailed data about the gasses inside the guts previously impossible to gather.

Developed at RMIT University and trialed by a team at Monash University, both in Australia, the pill is able to continuously monitor the presence of hydrogen, carbon dioxides, and oxygen as it travels from one end of the GI system to the other. The device has already undergone an initial in-human study, which involved seven individuals placed on low and high fiber diets.